A Taste of Minority Changemaker Programme

- One week's free, fantastic Folk high school course! 

Would you like to experience attending a folk high school? August 16 - 21, 2021 you've got the opportunity to participate in a free course for European young people interested in national minorities.

It takes place at Jaruplund Højskole near by Flensborg in Germany and the language spoken will be English.

Focus on national minorities

- What does it mean to be part of a European minority? And how can minorities help shape Europe's future in a positive way?
During the week, you'll become wiser about current minority issues, and be part of the solution when we jointly discuss what we can do together in the future.

Meet Grit Jurack, former world star handball player and currently journalist at the Danish minority newspaper, Flensborg Avis. As well as Associate Professor Katarzyna Stoklosa and Postdoc Caroline Weber at Border studies, University of Southern Denmark.

You also get the chance to participate in the school's subjects: History, Music, Art and Philosophy, as well as having fun with a game of Dodgeball, a board game night and a Graduation party on Friday night.

Friday "The Cultural Ambassadors" will join us for a dialogue meeting about living with more than one culture and identities.
It's free to participate - tuition, board and lodging, as well as transport to and from Flensburg-Jaruplund Folk High School on Monday and Saturday are included. Transport from your home to Flensburg or directly to Jaruplund højskole you need to pay yourself. Other expenses you need to pay would be for drinks at the højskole which are not water, tea or coffee – which is free, but for instance soda, beer or wine. Then there might be expenses outside the school if you choose to buy something for instance on the short trip to Flensburg. We pay for the food but snacks you buy yourself.

Kick off your future and personal development with reflection and new acquaintances!



For more information please call or write Project Manager Maria Lindahl Strøm, phone nr. +45 28 90 92 37, e-mail: ms@graenseforeningen.dk
We're open for registration by mail to jaruplund@skoleforeningen.org with deadline August 2, 2021.

When registered you'll receive an information mail and programme from Jaruplund Højskole in the beginning of August.

At arrival at the school you’ll be asked to show a Coronatest max 48 hours old.

Since the Coronarestrictions are changing all the time, we recommend you check the rules concerning your homecountry for travelling into Germany on https://www.bundesgesundheitsministerium.de/service/gesetze-und-verordnungen/guv-19-lp/coronaeinreisev.html

Unfortunately we can’t guarantee that the course is not cancelled and recommend you have a flexible travelticket or a cancellation insurance.

Information needed for registration:

For registration we need this information:

1. Name

2. Surname

3. Address:
Postal Code
Street name
House number

4. Phonenumber with countrycode

5. Mail-address

6. Birthday

7. Food - special requests?
Other requests

8. Do you wish transportation by shuttle bus from Flensburg railway station to Jaruplund Højskole at 14.30/PM 2.30 o'clock August 16, 2021?

9. Other remarks


Monday: August 16th
15.00: Coffee, tea and buns
16.00: Welcome and tour
17.00: Accommodation
18.00: Dinner
19.30-21.00: Presentation (and get together)
Tuesday: August 17th
8.30-9.00 Morning meeting
9.15-12.00: History of minorities, lecture by postdoc Caroline Weber
13.00 - 15.45 History
Evening: Dodgeball / physically active
Wednesday: August 18th
8.30-9.00 Morning meeting
9.15-12.00 Music or Art
13.00 - 15.45 Art or Music
19.30: National Minorities in Central Eastern and Eastern Europe, lecture by Associate Professor Katarzyna Stoklosa
Thursday: August 19th
8.30-9.00 Morning meeting
9.15-12.00 Trip to Flensburg. We visit Grit Jurack at the Danish minority newspaper "Flensborg Avis" and enjoy being in the beautiful city. 

13.00-15.45 Philosophy
Evening: Board game night
Friday: August 20th
8.30-9.00 Morning meeting
9.15-12.00 Dialogue meeting with the "Ambassadors of Cultural Meetings" 
13.00 Workshop: What have we done and talked about this week?"
15.00 Party decoration
Evening: Party night
Saturday: August 21st
9-11 Brunch
11-12: Farewell and thanks for now! (Maybe we'll meet again!?)

12.15 Bus departure from Jaruplund højskole to Flensburg railway station