Subject A

Subject A will take place on Mondays and Tuesday (6 hours pr. week).

Coup or revolution

What if we’re wrong? Political sociology and debate

We live in a plural society, where we tell our selves that we accept all ideas and concepts. We Europeans also agree that some things are just right – democracy, nationality, a sustainable future, schools, freedom of speech, human rights etc. But what if we’re wrong? This class looks critically at our imagined ”rights” and asks the question: Can we do it another – a better – way?

The class will be a mix of theory and discussion; the point is to look at things you already know a lot about and then use theory and debate to twist and turn your own arguments. The aim of this class is not to teach you how the world is or should be; the aim is not to tell you that you are wrong, but open your mind to the idea that you could be wrong - open your mind to other opinions and legitimate views on topics, where you take your own opinion for granted. Expect to become more confused, but on a higher level.

Teacher: Jens Horstmann

'Rundbold' in Denmark. Foto: Bike Express Barbecue/

Majority and minority sports

If you love to be active physically, and if you love to compete with yourself and others, this subject is the right thing for you. Together we will explore different kinds of sports, and learn how sport can help us to understand ourselves, each other, and societies. 

We will dive into sports connected to different national minorities e.g. fist ball (“Faustball”) or round ball (“rundbold”), and you might try something you have never tried before. In addition, you will have influence on what we do and how we spend our time together.

The objective for this subject is not to make you the perfect and competitive athlete, winning every competition. On the contrary, the objective for this subject is to show how you can use your body and your mind in different contexts, and to show how you can support yourself and your peers in different situations.

Be aware, participation in this subject might lead to better shape! 

Teacher: Jonas Voss



Room for everyone and plenty of opportunity for challenge. Music speaks its own language and is a form of communication that brings together all types of people. It spreads joy and community as well as develops one creatively but also on a personal level. In this subject, we train your musical skills, whether you have been playing or singing for several years, or you are starting from scratch. The focus is on lifting your general musicality and the ability to interplay with others.

You start out by picking an instrument or vocals/chorus, and then the lectures alternates between instrumental and vocal practice in small groups and in interplay. During interplay, the focus is on the internal musical communication, to listen to each other while you make your musical contribution. Here you will experience the right balance between identity and community.  

In order to make the best performance all vocals and instruments needs to be distinguishable. We will work on confidence and sharpness in expression, and the courage to perform. With music, it’s like so much else in life: How far you reach depends on how much energy you put into it. The school’s music room is open 24 hours a day, and we provide the framework for your success, the rest is up to you!

Teacher: Rigmor Eybye


Cultural History from and for minorities

In this subject we dive into the diverse subject of cultural history. What is culture? How and why do we divide people from their cultural perspective? What is history and why is it interesting? Which historic myths do we all use as common knowledge and reference points? The course explores different minorities' history and current life situation.

Teacher: Ditte Kröner