Morning gatherings

Every day, every week you will have morning gatherings. But what is it? 

A morning gathering at Jaruplund Højskole

A morning gathering at Jaruplund Højskole.

Photo: Jaruplund Højskole

So the week schedule says “morning gathering” every morning? What is this? It sounds horrible! Are we to meet for an hour-long prayer every morning? A gymnastics-class to get you warmed up? Are we going to sit in circles and hold hands? What is going on?

Well, no. In Danish, the term is “morgensang”, which literally means “morning song”, and you will find “morgensang” on most schools (and many workplaces) all over Denmark. However, that doesn’t really explain what goes on.

Sure, we sing, because that’s what we always do. And after the song, someone will typically give some sort of short speak, tell a story, show pictures - whatever is on their mind - for 20-30 minutes. Then we sing another song and hey, the day is off to a good start.

It is an integral part of Højskole. It has always been done and a vast majority of the students enjoy it very much.