What is the MCP?

The Minority Changemaker Programme is a three-month academic programme at Jaruplund Højskole in Flensburg, Germany. It is a combination of university studies and "non-formal" learning.

A teaching session during the first Minority Lab in March held in Copenhagen, Denmark.

A teaching session with Jonas Hedegaard, Roskilde Festival, during the first Minority Lab in March held in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Photo: Grænseforeningen

The programme is a "living-learning experience": You live at the school for 3 months while having both academic classes and more informal classes with the other students at the school; together you participate in study trips, debate sessions, parties, volleyball matches, and everything in between.

You will become part of a community of young Europeans, and build friendships and network for life. There is room for 40 participants from all over Europe, typically aged 18-28. There are no formal entry requirements, but we ask you to write a motivated application. Common language is English.

The Programme focuses on national minorities as a case for European studies - what does it mean to be European and how do we shape the future of Europe? The course is open to everyone - both members of national minorities in Europe and for those interested in minority issues.

The course merits 15 ECTS points if you choose to take the exam. However, it is not mandatory to take the exam if you simply desire to participate in the program out of interest.

The school is situated in a green area in the outskirts on Flensburg, Germany, in the Danish-German border region, where Danes, Germans, Frisians and Sinti and Roma have lived side by side for centuries. The University of Southern Denmark (SDU) provides the academic input, while the Højskole provides lots of other classes, debates, lectures, and different activities - and through all this you will be staying, living, and going to class with other young people from all over Europe. Project partner is also the Youth of European Nationalities (YEN).

The price for all this? 1000€ - in total, everything included.

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Join the Minority Changemaker Programme and: 

Become a Changemaker

that challenges convention and fights for positive change in Europe.

Broaden your horizon

by choosing an elective subject such as debate, philosophy, music, art, politics or literature at the Jaruplund Højskole.

Gain ECTS-points

through a pertinent academic curriculum and dedicated lecturers from the University of Southern Denmark.

Visit Roskilde Festival

among the most unique festivals in the world featuring music, art and debates on societal issues.

Go on a study trip

explore intriguing corners of Europe and their curious societies and meet fellow Europeans dedicated to minority issues.

Emerge in topics

such as European diversity, democracy and minority rights presented by our committed staff and policymakers from all over Europe.

Create a network

of 40 young women and men from all over Europe with a passion for cultural exchange and intellectual debate.

Experience "Hygge"

the Danish term for a certain kind of coziness and feeling of wellness.