Subject C

Subject C will take place on Thursdays (3 hours pr. week)

Jaruplund Højskole

Lake view at Jaruplund Højskole

Experimental outdoor life, nature and biodiversity

In this subject we use the facilities around the school and in the area to explore nature's life and the biodiversity, we make it easier for different species to find living places in the area at Jaruplund. We make food over a bonfire and invite the rest of the school for dinner, we learn how to find our way without a GPS but with a map and compass, and we learn not only to survive sleeping outside, but to have a nice time while we are in nature.

Teacher: Ditte Kröner


The Board Game Factory

Unleash your inner geek and join us when we pull out our cardboards. Whether you want to try out new board games, create your own, paint miniatures, design the coolest Dungeons and Dragons campaign or simply want to be better at chess, you’ve come to the right place!

When you create your own board game, you have to consider things like theme, number of players, whether the game is meant to be played casually or competitive, mechanics, etc. In the board game factory we will be playing a series of different games together and explore what makes a board game a fun experience.

Once we have gotten over these basics together, the board game factory turns into a creative workshop where you can work on the projects you find most interesting. You will receive the feedback you need, whether you need help on designing your board, how to publish your game, how to make your pen & paper campaigns more interesting, or how you make the correct opening moves in competitive games.

Teacher: Jonas Voss


Art - minor class

During this arts course, you will learn how to sketch drawings, paint images on canvas and sculpt. Art involves different practical crafts and techniques, but is also about experimentation, expressing yourself and communicating with the outside world. In art lessons, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in your work, a process that is both challenging and confrontational.

You are welcome to join this arts class no matter your choice in Subject A.

Teacher: Ole Præstkær Jørgensen


Piano – Mozart or hidden inner pianist?

All basic music theory can be explained and learned from the piano. It's chord and melodic options allows you to accompany all kinds of music at any point. This subject will develop your musicality whether you are trained or a beginner, to understand and master the piano at a level that is right for you.

Teacher: Rigmor Eybye