Excursions and guests

During your stay at Jaruplund, you are going to meet other people - and places - as well. We are going on a number of smaller excursions; and on a week-long study trip.

Most weeks will also feature one or more guests to bring us inspiration. They can be influencers, policy-makers, storytellers, artists, journalists, politicians, musicians or anything in between. Some will come with expertise from the minority field, others will bring their stories and enthusiasm from other fields.

Whoever they are, we hope they will make you think, wonder, cry, or laugh.


Study Trip 2023: South Tyrol

Bolzano, South Tyrol

In May 2023 the Minority Changemaker Programme will do a week long study trip to the Italian region of South Tyrol / Alto Adige, where three national identities and languages live side by side: The German speakers, the Italian speakers, and the Ladin speakers. We also visited this region in 2022 and want to repeat the success.

We will have a full program visiting schools, politicians and other influencers, local media, and research institutions such as the EURAC. It is also an opportunity to visit this extremely beautiful area, and we will also hike in the Alps and spend time in historical cities such as Bosen/Bolzano, Meran/Merano and Brixen/Bressanone.


"Folkemødet" - The People's Meeting 2023

The main stage - Hovedscenen - at Folkemødet.

The main stage - Hovedscenen - at Folkemødet.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

June 15-18 we will participate in "Folkemødet" on the island of Bornholm - one of the world's largest political festivals with more than 50.000 guests and 3000+ events. 

Full program with dates and stops during spring 2023.


Roskilde Festival 2023

The Orange Stage is the main stage at Roskilde Festival

The Orange Stage is the main stage at Roskilde Festival

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

As a participant in the Minority Changemaker Programme, you are invited to join the Danish Border Association Youth as a volunteer at Roskilde Festival in the days after the completion of the programme in the end of June.

Roskilde is Northern Europes largest music festival with a crowd of upwards of 100.000 and a world class roster of bands. We will pay for your transport and entry ticket, but in return you must be a part of a project, you will be working on during the stay at Jaruplund.



Please note: We are currently planning the events for 2023. Below is some of the program for 2022 - as an example.


Cultural Meeting Ambassadors

Guest lecture: Dialogue Meeting (April 2022)

With the Cultural Meeting Ambassadors

The Cultural Meeting Ambassadors og Grænseforeningen/The Danish Border Union is a Nation-wide corps of dialogue who create knowledge about minorities and goes into dialogue about hyphenated identities.

We'll spend an evening with three ambassadors, hearing their stories, being confronted with prejudices - going into dialogue about having more cultural backgrounds than one.

YEN JEV logo

YEN/JEV Easter seminar (April 2022)

We've been invited to join the European youth organization of national minorites YEN JEV's easter seminar at Knivsbjerg in Denmark. It is organized together with the german minority in Denmark and offers a wide range of exiting activities.

The programme will be handed out on arrival at the school. 

Rasmus Andresen MEP beskåret

Guest lecture: Rasmus Andresen (April 2022)

Rasmus Andresen is Member of the European Parliament representing the German Party Die Grünen in Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance with great influence. He has a backrgound in the Danish minority in Germany and has also helped promoting the Minority Safepack Initiative. Rasmus will introduce us to his work as a politician, debating topics of special concern, inspiring us to also make a change.

Rasmus grew up in Flensburg/Flensborg and identifies as part of the Danish minority in Northern Germany. After studying in Denmark, he began his political career very young, being elected member of the Landtag of Schleswig-Holstein for the Greens already at the age of 23 and later serving as vice-president of the Landtag from 2017-2019. In 2019 he then was elected Member of the European parliament, where he became the Green's spokesperson and committee coordinator on budgetary policy and most recently was elected head of the German delegation within the Greens–EFA group. In addition to his committee work, Rasmus is an active and committed member of the parliamentary intergoup on National and Linguistic Minority, as well as the LGBTIQ intergroup, fighting for a diverse and inclusive EU for all.

This evening we expect visitors from outside our "Bubble" as we are inviting young members of the minorities across the border to join us.

Lene Rachel Andersen

Guest lecture: European Bildung Network

With Lene Rachel Andresen (May 2022)

Bildung is the combination of the education and knowledge necessary to thrive in your society, and the moral and emotional maturity to both be a team player and have personal autonomy.

Bildung is also knowing your roots and being able to imagine the future. Today, our civilization is in a transformation from industrialized nation states to a digitized globe where everybody needs to thrive. For this to happen peacefully, we need to empower everybody and we need folk-Bildung for the 21st Century.

The Bildung rose will be presented and unfolded.

Lene Rachel Andersen is initiator of European Bildung Day, co-founder of the Copenhagen based think tank Nordic Bildung and full member of the Club of Rome.

Jule Sösemann

An evening of music with Jule Sösemann (June 2022)

Singer/songwriter Jule Sösemann visited us at A Taste of MCP back in August with such success that we have invited her back to perform her personal songes for us accompanying herself on guitar or piano.