What will you discover?

During the three-month course the students will be living and learning together at Jaruplund Højskole.


The Minority Changemaker Programme will visit Roskilde Festival - the biggest music festival in Denmark.

Photo: Grænseforeningen

The school is a meeting point for Danish, German and European culture and with its belonging to the Danish minority in Germany. The course combines the Folk High School’s special Nordic concept for adult education with an academic curriculum that offers the students to obtain 15 ECTS-points for further studies (10 ECTS on Master's level)

Besides the academic curriculum, the course offers a broad variety of elective subjects, such as music experiences, art history, personal development and coaching, rhetoric and communication, leadership and personal development, debate and sociology and excursions around the area and to bigger towns nearby.

Inspiration and new input

As a student at the Minority Changemaker Programme you will be able to dig deep into the questions: Who am I? Where do I come from? And where do I belong? You will become part of a network of young Europeans and get knowledge and empowerment to exactly know how, where, and when to interact to change your regional, national and European community.

We believe that your experience and knowledge needs to be shared and that minorities and majorities need to work hand in hand for a democratic and diverse society. This is why you will be encouraged and inspired to go out with the courage and tools to make change happen all around Europe. At the end of the course, you are invited to join Roskilde Festival, the biggest music festival in northern Europe, as a volunteer.