Subject B

Subject B will take place on Wednesdays (2-3 hours pr. week)

Coup or revolution

History in the making - News and Debate

Political conflicts, boarders, wars, riots and movements, international institutions, conventions and possible solutions. The content of national and international affairs in the daily news has long and profound historical roots. However, the deep history is often neglected or simplified in the daily landscape of breaking news, while “truths” sometimes depends on the agenda of the media or even questioned as “fake news”.

In this class we will discuss current news and you will learn to challenge your opinion, discuss your believes and most important to engage in a democratic conversation among students with various different backgrounds. We will dig deep into the historical roots of current topics such as the Covid pandemic, Brexit, Trumpism, #metoo or any topic that interest you! In the end, you will be able to comprehend a more in-depth understanding of complex events and use this in your everyday approach towards the world around you. 

Teacher: Drude Bill

World religions


The Significance of Religion

What role does religion play in a postmodern society and what is the importance of religious communitites to minorities? We look at different religious traditions, texts, interpretations and significance in society and individually and visit churches of the minorities in the border lands.

This naturally leads to an involvement of the participants, knowledge and experiences from hometown and -countries. How important is religion and religious institutions generally and to minorities defining identity, culture and traditions?

Teacher: Maria Strøm

Photo: Flickr

Opera and classical music

Opera is an art that requires attention from several of our senses. The interaction between music, scene and lyrics is quite demanding, but if you break the code, you’re all ears. We open the doors to this world with great pieces such as Mozart’s “Don Giovanni”, which contains both beautiful music, something as unusual as cold-blood love, comedy and seriousness all in one.

You will also get an introduction to other forms of classical music, as symphonies and concerts, hear about different composers and discuss the characteristics of music in different periods of history.

Teacher: Rigmor Eybye

Photo: Wikimedia Commons
History of art

From cave paintings to deconstruction. In this subject, we explore the greatest points in the history of art. You will hear about the importance of art in culture and religion and how that art reflects culture in different eras, from the first traces of the primitive man to the modern contemporary art. 

Teacher: Ole Præstkær Jørgensen