Subject B

Subject B will take place on Wednesdays (2-3 hours pr. week)


The past, the future, and the infinite universe!

If you took a person from the year 1800 to the present, he or she would be blown away by the knowledge and all the high-tech stuff we have. Internet, smartphones, airplanes, cars and dishwashers - you name it. That’s hardly a surprise. But perhaps it surprises you more that a person from 1950 would feel the same way?

Welcome to the exponential era. You are living in the fastest technological evolution in the history of humankind - and it is getting faster and faster. It is very likely that your daily life today will feel as out-dated and old fashíoned when looking back at it 10 years from now, as looking back at 1950 does for you now. It is likely that the world in 2040 is as advanced to you, as your current world is to someone from 1800. 

Sure, this is theoretical and it feels like a fantasy; like science fiction, like something totally unrealistic. But it isn’t. Many of the world’s leading scientific experts in different areas are pretty sure that the near future will be way more advanced than you imagine.

This class will try to grasp this development. Why is it happening, why are we so sure that it is actually happening, and what will the consequences be for us? The class balances between the scientific, the political, and the philosophical when we touch on some of the ethical choices we will be forced to make in the coming years.

Teacher: Jens Horstmann


Bipedalism for dummies – Learn how to run (long distances)

The vast majority of humans move in a bipedal manner every day. In the past we depended on this bipedal movement for our survival, our ancestors needed to run when they were hunting or when they had to flee from wild animals. Today running has become a hobby, and our survival does not depend on our running skills any longer. In this subject I will show you how to plan running trips, and how to have fun running long distances.

Teacher: Jonas Voss


Into the music - let's listen and talk about music

If we listen to music; if we are addicted to classical music or cannot live without taking part in the festivals in summer; OR if we only use music when the radio in the car accompanies us on a longer trip - no matter the occasion, we ALL have experienced that music can touch us deeply. We all have tried to get goose bumps, felt this special energy at a concert or by singing together. The big moments in life, the happy as well as the dark, are often accompanied by music. The first Christian communities sang, in the middle ages the monks sweetened Gods words with breathtaking melodies, music has in all times been a part of solemnities and representation, music can be used to animate, manipulate, scare, or tempt people.

In this subject we will listen to music from the middle ages over jazz, rock, and pop to hits and trends from right now. We will discuss the role of music in society through centuries, and we will try to put words to the experiences of what music does to us in the big moments.

Your own experiences with and relations to music will contribute to the outcome of this subject.

Teacher: Rigmor Eybye


Redesign, patchwork and sewing machines for dummies

In this subject we learn how to sew and be creative with different kinds of materials, fabrics and skins, paper and plastics, etc. The main point is trying to reuse old materials in every creative process. How can we reuse our old jeans or t-shirts in a new way? Join this course and let’s be creative together.

Teacher: Ditte Kröner