Subject B

Subject B will take place on Wednesdays (2-3 hours pr. week)

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Personal development and leadership

(NB: This class covers both subjects B and C)

In this subject, you will be given various leadership tools for both self-leadership and in professional use for group, and project management. The subject is based on self-leadership as the foundation for being able to lead others. We work with personal development and study different psychological concepts in order to apply these theories in practical use.  We therefore start by creating a toolbox with psychological theories and view on human nature, which may affect one’s ability to self-lead. For instance, we work with attitudes, settings, internal language, feedback, values, habits and own goals. Once we have mastered these we move onto general leadership tools that will enable you to lead professional meetings, groups and projects. All of which you can use going forward, whether in future studies, jobs or in relation to minority organizations and recreational activities.

We will look at differentiated management styles and get around:

-       The value of clarifying expectations

-       FIRO models

-       The difference between a group and a team

-       Role clarifications

-       Visions, objectives and communication thereof

-       Planning and implementation

-       Presentation techniques

The lectures will alternate between theory, dialogues, practical leadership tasks and feedback. You will learn how to set goals and develop effective plans of action to secure fulfillment. You receive the prerequisites for creating a secure foundation of self-leadership as well as being able to lead others. In conclusion, this subject will help you be able to take on a variety of future leadership tasks.

Teacher: Karsten Dressø

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Are you the kind of person who loves to use your body and sees physical activity as a welcome break in everyday life? No matter if you are competitive person, you want to get in better shape or just love to have fun with sports and exercise with others, then this subject is the right choice for you.

In this course, we will train both individually and in teams. We will play team sports such as volleyball and floorball, you will also have the opportunity to improve your personal form with cardio training, or use the school’s fitness equipment to improve your strength. The scenic surroundings around the school and the nearby lake provide the opportunity for beautiful walks, canoeing or swimming, and with a short walk of a few kilometers will take you to “Jaruplund Sportzplatz” which offers plenty of sport activities. This subject has its focus on exercising, but will also be accompanied with theoretical lectures on the body, physiology and techniques.

Everyone can participate and learn something new regardless of physical form. The only requirement is that you are not afraid of sweating a little and that you are ready to have a good time.

Teacher: Simon Møller


Political Sociology - “what if we’re wrong?”

If we look at the world a 100 years ago, we think: “wow, good thing I wasn’t born back then! Life is so much better now!”. And we’re right - think of the progress we as humans have achieved since then; we are far richer, far healthier, and we work far less almost no matter where in the world we look. Besides from a few setbacks, surely the past 100 years have brought prosperity and better lives.

But here’s the thing: In another 100 years, hopefully our descendants - out children and grandchildren - will say the same thing. Hopefully, they will look at our time and say: “wow, good thing I wasn’t born back then! Life is so much better now!”. Because if they don’t, clearly we are doing something wrong.

This class dares to take a critical view on our society and all the things we take for granted and true - and the class asks the question if the things we believe in are actually true?

This is not a class about all the things we KNOW are wrong and we need to change. We all know we need to fix the climate, we need to stop producing too much food and eat too much - and there are diseases, hunger, and wars we need to fight. But we already know that. No, this is a class that asks, if all the things we consider to be good - or at least better than the alternative - are actually good for us? So we will be looking critically at things like democracy, market economy, the educational system, ecology, and sustainability.

Why? Because if we don’t dare to ask the questions and challenge our own beliefs, how are we suppose to actually improve the world?

The purpose of this class is not to give you answers. It is to make you more confused than before - but on a higher level.

Teacher: Jens Horstmann

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Opera is an art that requires attention from several of our senses. The interaction between music, scene and lyrics is quite demanding, but if you break the code, you’re all ears. We open the doors to this world with great pieces such as Mozart’s “Don Giovanni”, which contains both beautiful music, something as unusual as cold-blood love, comedy and seriousness all in one. 

Teacher: Rigmor Eybye